Stop, Wait and Go!; Our Spiritual Traffic Lights

Our christian life is like a road that we are thriving and driving where ever our directions are. We are the one driving our on cars and traffic rules are our guide for safety road drive for us to avoid accidents. To relate, the life that we are living must have a traffic rules such as the traffic light to follow to avoid overwhelming circumstances that will tend us to stumble down.

I believe that we believers of Christ are continually learning and growing on our Christian walk everyday. They say that no matter how old you are, there will always be a greater and deeper dimension left for one to discover who really God is, in other words God is really big and beyond our human understanding of who He is; as Isaiah 55:8 says ”My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. This is a wow statement. I want to put an emphasis on my first statement that we are all ”continually growing and learning” on our Christian walk. Again, The heart of Christianity isn’t what you need to do, but what Jesus has done. When we call others to Christ, we call them to come and rest their weary souls on his finished work, this statement is as per unknown author.

A big point here is that we are need to learn through growing revelation of the Holy Spirit as we keep drawing to the Lord. Likewise we are subject to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in learning. Along with this, I love to illustrate the Traffic lights of our Spiritual life.

Red light = STOP
Green light = GO
Yellow = CAUTION

Application can truly great in reality, when circumstances strikes down to us, Holy Spirit will instruct – and our job is to be sensitive to follow. If we are in doubt, trough prayer and contemplation we will eventually obey because again Holy Spirit is bearing witness and testifying what we are contemplating about God’s word. Just to mention the keys to obeying the traffic lights spiritually are: 1. Meditation/Contemplation and 2. Prayer.
Thus when we are about to do something wrong or not aligning in the will of God, the Spirit is prompting a Red light (means to STOP) nevertheless before that I believe that a Yellow light (means be CAUTIOUS) will more FREQUENTLY preceded. And as we reiterate our decisions to be, God will render certain instructions leading to a right and aligning to His will , now this is the GO (GREEN LIGHT) .


The over point of view of this, is:

We believers of Christ, have the leadership of the Holy Spirit —– one of its work is to lead us in every step of the way to God. As we obey to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can greatly experience that fullest of life the God is intended for us. Furthermore, we will be able to reach our destination safely— we will arrive to the place God prepare for us.

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2 Cor 2: 5-9

Now however you should forgive him and encourage him, in order to keep him from becoming so sad to give up completely. And so I beg you to let Him know that you really do love him.

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